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Why you should leverage a multi-currency payment gateway for your ecommerce business.

Operating an ecommerce business enables you to sell to a diverse cross-section of consumers with less overhead. Even so, you can continue to build your brand while offering that sales and service excellence that has come to set you apart from the rest. With your ecommerce technology and expertise now firmly in place, it may be the perfect time to expand your offerings to encompass foreign markets through the use of an international payment gateway.

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Multi-currency payment processing 101: Here's how to get started.

Modern internet technology has rendered geographical distances insignificant, making it possible to sell just as easily to people across the world as it is to your next-door neighbor. As a retailer, you may now find yourself eager to tap into the boundless potential that international ecommerce could bring to your business. To do so however, you must first have a thorough understanding of multi-currency payment processing as well as how to incorporate it into your checkout process.

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Seven ways you can benefit from the digital transformation of the retail space.

A lot has changed since the first book was ordered on a little website called Amazon back in 1995. If you accept online payments, you are sure to benefit from the exciting innovations that have continued to rock the ecommerce world since then. Incorporate these trends into your retail model to delight your customers and ensure your success.

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Three ways an international payment gateway can increase customer conversions and sales.

When you sell goods internationally, attracting visitors to your website is critically important. After all, you wouldn’t have any chance of cultivating long-term customers without doing so. However, it is just as vital to invest your research into finding the right payment gateway to serve those customers after they arrive. If you’re wondering why this is the case, take a few minutes to learn just how the right payment gateway can open up a whole new world of opportunity as you get your business ready for the global stage.

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Payment processors vs. payment gateways: What's the difference?

So, you’ve decided to accept credit cards at your brick-and-mortar or ecommerce business. You probably had no idea that there was so much payments terminology to familiarize yourself with. A prime example is payment processors and payment gateways, two entities that may sound similar but play their own unique roles in helping facilitate fast and frictionless transactions. The distinctions between them should be clear before you move forward and expand your operations to accept electronic payments.

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How to redefine payment processing with an international payment gateway.

Expanding your ecommerce business to include customers from other countries is a huge and exciting step. However, taking it involves properly understanding your future foreign buyers and customizing your offerings to meet their unique needs. Take the time to learn the ins and outs of international payment processing before taking the plunge and selling your products or services abroad.

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How an international payment gateway can put your business on the global stage.

No type of expansion is more exciting than the decision to begin selling your goods and services abroad. However, as with any other big opportunity, there are some challenges as well. One of the most daunting for many entrepreneurs has to do with all that is involved in getting paid by foreign consumers. That being said, learning the ins and outs of international payment gateways is one of the first steps you should take before going global with your business.

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Inovio’s parent company, North American Bancard, receives Sustainability Certificate for data centers that are 100% green.

At Inovio, we’re fully committed to the sustainability of our planet. That's why we have long offered green-friendly features like digital receipts and paperless statements. Now, we’re proud to announce that our data centers officially run on 100% renewable energy!

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