Reliable and secure, our innovative payment processing platform offers a seamless merchant experience for credit card transactions, US ACH, US and EU direct debit, worldwide SMS, and electronic cash payments. Based on anything from issuer to currency, our intelligent transaction routing maximizes approvals and reduces downgraded transactions and surcharges. Get instant update notifications from every major network for up-to-date cardholder information.

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Monitor real-time sales volume and business performance wherever, whenever with our comprehensive suite of business intelligence tools. Get valuable insights into customer behavior, account performance, and daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly trends. Integrate into your own reporting application with our flexible API, or export to third-party solutions in multiple formats, including CSV, PDF, HTML, and XML.

Recurring billing

Our ready-to-use APIs for recurring billing and subscription services bring simplicity to business management. Manage customer profiles and billing lifecycles through unique membership programs, free and paid trials, upgrade structures, flexible billing schedules, and special rates for repeat customers. Track recurring sales with custom reports and long-term projections while recycling processes that capture the most revenue.

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With support for nearly every international currency imaginable, our merchants can offer customers from around the globe the ability to pay in their native currency, complete with flexible settlement times and a simpler checkout experience. Eliminating price differentials at the time of purchase will increase sales and reduce credit requests, returns, and chargebacks.

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Support tools

We’ve empowered merchants to take more control of their bottom line with faster, smarter business support tools. Easily search orders and transactions with dynamic search technology and quickly issue refunds. Create and maintain your own customer profiles and build customized subscription services that fit your business model. Manage payment types, create blacklists, and monitor fraud activity with ease.

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Automated chargebacks

Inovio offers built-in and automated chargeback mitigation that eliminates paper and instantly matches chargebacks to their original transaction. This feature dramatically reduces the time merchants will spend responding to and disputing chargebacks associated with credit card transactions. Our web-based management platform allows merchants to accept, reject, or submit chargebacks with reduced adjudication timeframes, configurable notifications, and the ability to upload supporting documentation in one centralized location.


Risk management

Prevent fraud before it occurs with our innovative, real-time risk monitoring system designed to reduce chargebacks and increase revenue. By analyzing the data patterns of customers, transactions, and affiliates, Inovio identifies suspicious activity and raises flags before damage is done. With powerful reporting tools, blacklist reference, and front-end security layers, merchants are protected from fraud with the most advanced risk mitigation technology available.

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Inovio helps ISVs and merchants become more secure with a comprehensive series of security layers.



By converting payment data into random strings of characters unusable to outsiders, tokens reduce the complexity, time, and costs associated with protecting cardholder data.


PCI Compliance

Inovio is a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level 1 Compliant Processor, reducing the PCI burden of merchants.



Our military-grade encryption ensures that sensitive payment information is passed securely between merchant and customer.

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