A seamless online payment experience.

Inovio’s Hosted Checkout page makes it easier for merchants to accept payments online while protecting their customer's account data. Our hosted payment pages quicken customer payments while retaining unsurpassed security and removing the need for excessive PCI-compliance.

Customize each page with tailored branding over multiple merchant accounts with support for all major payment types. Inovio’s Hosted Checkout page supports international merchants, multiple currencies, intelligent routing, tokenization, and end-to-end encryption.


Hosted checkout
purchase process

We enable merchant to integrate online payments into their website without interacting with customer data.


1. Merchant webpage links to Inovio hosted page and collects billing info.

2. Hosted checkout runs the transaction.

3. Successful results, including the token are sent to the merchant.

4. URL redirects to merchant’s hosted success page.


Need more control?

For merchants who host their own purchase page, Hosted Forms from Inovio allow unhindered control of branding and user experience for any payment sheet. Using a customizable iFrame, Inovio gathers customer data and payment information while maintaining a consistent look and feel from first click to last.

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