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4 types of payment methods for ecommerce.

Hosted checkout pageCustomers are seeking greater personalization and flexibility in their shopping experiences, including the way they pay. 19% of shopping carts are abandoned due to dissatisfaction with payment methods. The good news is, offering multiple ways to pay can both facilitate conversions and increase your sales. Give customers what they’re looking for with these four payment options.

Credit and debit cards.

The majority of customers still rely on credit and debit cards to make payments. To complete transactions online, they enter their credit card information into the virtual terminal on your hosted checkout page. and link to "hosted checkout page.. You can even offer the option of checking out as a guest or creating an account and saving payment information for future purchases. This straightforward payment method is appropriate for both one-time payments and subscription services.

Third-party payment platforms.

Companies like PayPal and Amazon offer payment services many customers already have accounts set up for. Integrating these services into your ecommerce website allows customers to pay using existing credentials for a faster, more convenient checkout process. Customers who prefer to share their information with a minimal number of sites may feel more comfortable using services they already trust.

You may also choose to add this payment method to your branded app. This reduces barriers for mobile shoppers by cutting down on the number of steps required to log in, enter information, and check out.

Digital wallets.

Services like Apple Pay and Amazon Pay offer the same convenience online as they do at physical stores where NFC contactless payments are accepted. Offering digital wallet payments allows customers to make use of stored credit card information and take advantage of one-click or one-touch ordering options. In-app purchases made with Apple Pay may only require a fingerprint or facial scan to complete transactions, cutting checkout time down to a few seconds.


Customers without credit cards can place orders on your website using e-checks, which automatically transfer money from their bank accounts to your business through an automated clearing house (ACH). Instead of putting in credit card information, customers enter their account and routing numbers to authorize a transfer. E-checks offer a convenient way to set up recurring payments and processing fees tend to be lower than for credit cards. You can choose a payment gateway with this option built-in or accept e-checks through third-party payment services.

Pay attention to trends in shopping habits to determine which payment types to accept to attract the greatest number of customers from your target audience. Choose your payment options wisely and set up your payment gateway to maximize convenience for everyone who shops on your website.

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