The world's best international payment processing — only from Inovio.

Global scalability and seamless integration. That's what Inovio's revolutionary online payments platform has been delivering to its customers since 1992. Whether you're targeting overseas markets, or you just want to accept payments in multiple foreign currencies, Inovio has the international payment processing solutions and expertise to help you take your business global.

Inovio offers decades-long connections to a worldwide network of processors, acquirers, and payment service providers. We can help you securely accept credit cards, worldwide SMS payments, electronic cash payments, and more.

Plus, with secure payment processing for virtual any currency, we can help you accept:

  • US ACH payments.
  • US and EU direct debit cards.

Charge customers in their currency.

Get paid in yours.

Our innovative Multi-Currency Pricing allows you to:

  • Price goods and charge customers in international currencies, while receiving deposits in your native currency.
  • Set your website's pricing in up to 49 currencies on goods, services, invoices, vouchers, and journal entries.
  • Enjoy exchange rates and foreign exchange market conversions that are updated daily by us with no need for you to do manual conversions.
  • More easily track your gains and losses with an innovative system that reconciles any differences between the exchange rates at the time a payment was charged and when it is settled.
  • Revalue open transactions at the end of a payment period so that you can modify the pricing on billing amounts according to any fluctuations in the exchange rate.

We remove the complexity
from accepting global payments.

Looking to expand your cross border business? Dipping your toes into international payment processing for the first time? Either way, our veteran team of international payments experts stands ready to put our specialized experience and expertise to work for you. From helping you make sure your payments systems are secure and in compliance with local regulations, to obtaining the best possible exchange rate when accepting multiple currencies, we are your committed partner for both domestic and international processing services. Partnering with Inovio is like getting a passport to increased profitability.

How does online payment processing work?

Let's remove the mystery.

Accepting credit card payments and other types of international currency transactions tends to involve an added layer of complexity, as different countries have their own sets of rules and requirements that business owners must follow. That's why it's vital that you partner with a payments technology company that has the knowledge you need to navigate issues like:

  • Accepting local currencies.
  • The creation of consolidated reports that use one type of currency.
  • The ability to revalue currencies according to natural fluctuations in their worth over time.
  • The minimizing of conversion fees.

Then of course there is the need to combat fraud. Online payment processing could make you the target of sophisticated cybercriminals. At Inovio, protecting businesses from such fraudsters is a vital part of every solution and tool we offer — from our real-time risk monitoring system and automated chargeback mitigation, to our PCI-compliant, military-grade encryption and tokenization.

We even offer support for virtually every 3-D Secure merchant plug-in out there. An XML-based protocol designed to be an additional security layer for online transactions, 3-D Secure is utilized by Visa through the Verified by Visa and Visa Secure brands, as well as by Mastercard (SecureCode), American Express (SafeKey), and Discover (ProtectBuy).

How do I accept international payments?

You contact a payment processor with the experience and expertise to help you safely and profitably expand your customer base to include international customers. At Inovio, we'll help you:

  • Secure an international payment acceptance plan, tailored to your specific business.
  • Leverage our relationships with processors processors, acquirers, and payment service providers worldwide.
  • Navigate local laws and regulations so that you're always in compliance.
  • Get access to lightning-fast, affordable, and secure international payment acceptance solutions that will help you expand your reach and grow your business.

Most importantly, we'll help you remain in compliance with European rules and regulations like the Payment Services Directive (PSD2). Our innovative 3D-S solutions meet the PSD2's requirement for Strong Customer Authentication, while also being compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, which guides European data protection and privacy laws.

Whether you're a U.S. company selling in the EU, or you're a European retailer marketing your products in America, it's time you put our expertise to work for you.

Learn more about the industry's most intelligent payment gateway today.